Enjoy Some Yoga on the Beach in Naples, Florida

If you are looking for an absolutely relaxing and renewing beach vacation, then where better to land than Naples, Florida. Our relaxing Naples vacation rentals will help you get into a more relaxed mindset before you head out each day to explore everything that Naples has to offer. 

We realize that vacations are all about relaxing and taking time to renew yourself, and Naples has the perfect way to do that; Yoga! We believe that yoga is perfect for everyone, including those who are looking for a way to truly relax and become Zen while vacationing. Being by some of the best beaches in Naples, Florida doesn’t hurt!

We’ve already done the research for you, and we have some awesome yoga places for you to choose from!

yoga pose on the beach

Donation Yoga Naples

One of the many things that stop people from practicing yoga is generally the cost of the classes. However, Donation Yoga Naples, Florida found a way to make sure that everyone can be included in practicing yoga, regardless of their financial situation. If you choose to come and practice here, you simply make a donation of whatever you can afford. Through some of the generous donations, half of the proceeds are able to be given to local non-profits each month. With this donation system in place people are free to come in and practice asana and karma yoga together in peace and harmony. Yoga is about finding your inner peace, and donation to a good cause will be a great kick start to your class!

The class studio is located at 5002 Tamiami Trail N STE 100. Classes usually run Saturday and Sunday, and usually with a session in the morning and the evening. We recommend calling ahead to confirm all current dates and details.

Lo’s Yoga Naples

Following a firm belief that “if you wait until you’re ready, you will wait for the rest of your life”, Lo’s Yoga in Naples is a studio that gears towards everyone who is looking for a way to practice yoga in a safe and welcoming environment. Lo began her yoga journey due to health complications, and quickly found relief and peace in her practice, and has since then made it her mission to help others who need to be connected. Whether you are looking for a public or private class, or perhaps even online guidance with yoga techniques and exercises, Lo is ready to help you with anything that you might require.

Lo’s studio is on Vanderbilt Dr. and private sessions are currently available, as well as training for anyone looking to improve the overall well-being impact of their yoga sessions.

What to Bring

When referring to yoga classes, we suggest bringing a mat and a water bottle. However, if you do not have your own yoga mat one will be provided for you. You also need to come with a willingness to participate. However, when referring to Naples, we suggest researching weather in Naples to help you make an informed decision. Sunscreen is a must, and we do suggest having at least a light jacket for the evenings. 

Where to Stay

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We have Naples rentals available to accommodate any size party, and our knowledgeable staff will help to ensure that everything on your “must-have list” is checked off. So give us a call and let us start you on this relaxing and renewing vacation.